Triode Speaker Cable

Triode Speaker Cable

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All of our cables are made to order by Chris Sommovigo, personally. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping. 


A simple-yet-elegant thin-walled PTFE ("Teflon") tube in a coaxial arrangement of pure-copper woven tubes. The Positive Leg of the speaker cable contains a braid of pure bare copper wire, and an air tube with a Nami-formed pure copper microtube (CuTube) conductor. Over the CuTube we place an InterPole conductor that follows the microtube's undulating pattern.

The Return Leg of the speaker cable consists of a braid of pure bare-copper wire alone. This coaxial arrangement of thin, braided copper tubes ensures minimization of skin effect and proximity effect, low inductance.

TRIODE Conductor: An intricate and delicate braid of 32 individually-enameled pure copper solid strands, braided over a naim-processed CuTube™ pure, annealed copper microtube. Triode customers love this build, telling us that it renders music seductively, with sultry tones and overtones, but with no loss of detail, nuance, or inner light.

Terminated with XOX direct-gold-plated pure copper bananas.

XOX Spade-adapters optional.