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Awhile back I made a special cable for a small group of audiophiles who wanted something “off menu” and outrageously good. Only a few sets were made of this “unobtanium” style interconnect, and I only made RCA versions of it at the time. I’ve hyper-tweaked the build, and brought to the design a new level of performance (as well as a balanced option and a loudspeaker cable).

Stargate’s basic form factor is a low-density, microporous ePTFE air-tube within which resides a very special variant of the Ultranova 99.999% fully-annealed pure silver conductor that has been braided over with TWO rounds of Matrix-32 pure copper wires (total of 64).

The outer valence of the microporous air tube is braided with 32 x 30awg bare pure copper wires to form an open-braid layer, which is then jacketed with multifilament nylon yarns.

The build on Stargate cables is intensely time-consuming, hence the long lead time.

To those who have heard it, Stargate is a dream-level component, projecting music with holographic and lifelike presence that is positively spooky …

LOVECRAFT Reference RCAs /or/ OYAIDE Focus-1 XLRs


"Heard in a modest system, the Stargate interconnects elevated the sound in every meaningful way. Placed in a world class system, they showed they belonged in every way that matters. The ancient masters would be pleased. Very highly recommended." ~ Dean Seislove, PFO

"It is a world full of details, greatly differentiating recordings, open, with panache and strong bass. The sound from Stargate in the system is fast and large, very spacious." ~ Wojceik Pacula, High Fidelity (Poland)

"A new product from cable designer supreme, Chris Sommovigo. The Stargate Series demonstrates that premium interconnects can be slim and stylish, yet still capture music's detail, verve, and richness. What's more, the Stargates are as musically fulfilling as any tow-rope sized interconnect currently weighing down countless audio racks. During my review the Stargates conjured musical enjoyment out of systems both humble and high-born. A first-class product in every respect. For those who enjoy music delivered effortlessly, but not forensically, the Stargate Series is a clear winner." ~ Dean Seislove, Positive Feedback 2018 Writer's Choice Awards