STARGATE RCA, XLR, Speaker Cable

STARGATE RCA, XLR, Speaker Cable

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Awhile back I made a special cable for a small group of audiophiles who wanted something “off menu” and outrageously good. Only a few sets were made of this “unobtanium” style interconnect, and I only made RCA versions of it at the time. I’ve hyper-tweaked the build, and brought to the design a new level of performance (as well as a balanced option and a loudspeaker cable).

Stargate’s basic form factor is a low-density, microporous ePTFE air-tube within which resides a very special variant of the Ultranova 99.999% fully-annealed pure silver conductor that has been braided over with two rounds of Matrix-32 pure copper wires (total of 64).

The outer valence of the microporous air tube is braided with 32 x 30awg bare pure copper wires to form an open-braid layer, which is then jacketed with multifilament nylon yarns.

The build on Stargate cables is intensely time-consuming, hence the long lead time.

Stargate is a dream-level component, projecting music with holographic and lifelike presence that is positively spooky …

LOVECRAFT Reference RCAs // Neutrik XLRs // XOX Bananas


"Heard in a modest system, the Stargate interconnects elevated the sound in every meaningful way. Placed in a world class system, they showed they belonged in every way that matters. The ancient masters would be pleased. Very highly recommended." ~ Dean Seislove, PFO

"It is a world full of details, greatly differentiating recordings, open, with panache and strong bass. The sound from Stargate in the system is fast and large, very spacious." ~ Wojceik Pacula, High Fidelity (Poland)