We regret to announce the passing of Chris Sommovigo, founder of Blackcat cables. The company is being restructured by friends and Chris’ family, and we hope to be able to serve your cable needs soon. Please come visit us again ...
Thank you for your patronage and attempt to purchase – Blackcat cable company is currently being re-structured and hope to be running again soon. Please come back to visit us – we hope to be here to serve your cable needs soon! ...
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Silverstar Power Cord


All of our cables are made to order by Chris Sommovigo, personally. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping.

 Twin-Coax power cord boasts a twisted pair of these: A pseudo-tube braided conductor is separated from an overlaying shield by a densely braided nylon multifilament yarn. The inner conductor is composed of 128 silver-plated copper conductors + 128 bare copper conductors (36awg per conductor) summing to approximately 12awg PER POLE. Shields/ground plane sums to approximately 9AWG. 

OYAIDE 004 Series  (IEC, 15A NEMA, Schuko available.) 

"The Silverstar [PC-1] is part of the Black Cat line which has a strong personality, including this beautiful power cable appearance that brings together essential qualities: meaning detail, clarity and harmonic richness, extended bass, firm and precise, deep silence proving good isolation, in short so many advantages that perfectly justify its price, the even positioning very well in the middle of a competition provided. This black cat will not bring bad luck to your chain, but on the contrary, it will purr with satisfaction in being able to express all its qualities."

Bruno Castelluzzo // Haute Fidélité

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