a. Silverheart MK. II Speaker Cable

a. Silverheart MK. II Speaker Cable

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  • 3mm Japanese Cotton cord core
  • Silver-plated Copper woven tube (12 AWG equiv)
  • Multifilament Nylon insulator
  • Bare Copper woven tube (12 AWG equiv)
  • Multifilament Nylon jacket

Manufactured in limited quantities in our small workshop in Yugawara, JAPAN.

"When my Ghostwire speaker cables were delivered, I was listening to a piano sonata. I immediately installed them and sat back down for a listen. What I heard was a surprise. They sounded like nothing. No coloration. I guess that is why they are named Ghostwire. I now have a second pair on order to biwire my speakers."

~ D. Jackson

"... the one thing that just totally blew me away was the sense of space and voices & instruments IN that space.  I have a DSD recording of Dead Can Dance “Toward The Within” that has some great mixes of electric and acoustic instruments.  The ability to pick out so easily each piece on the stage (literally; it’s a live album) was just eerie!  And yet it’s presented as a whole just incredibly well."

~ T. Samost


"I have received the the cables and all I can say is they more than live up to their name! I had no idea that my previous cable [FAMOUS NAME REDACTED] was so present in my system, with Ghostwire the cables did just disappear, the sense of nothingness was really quite spooky for want of a better description. A direct connection from the amp to the speakers, sometimes less is significantly more!"

~ C. Ratcliffe