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The LOVECRAFT RCA connector is a design that I made for my own use with my cable designs. I love this RCA ... it's elegant, simple, well made. The key feature of this connector is the direct-gold-plated pure copper hollow pin.

On the termination-side, there's a lovely little set screw that allows you to tack down the wire inside the soldering area, and it pushes the wire against internally raised ridges to ensure really intimate contact between the wire and the pin. This is as good as a crimp in terms of extremely low contact resistance. I personally like to solder the joint after screwing it down for two reasons:

  • It provides a hermetic seal to the joint
  • It provides some strain relief (which is especially important for small conductors)

This is a truly premium, high-performance RCA that is installed onto ALL my Redlevel RCA interconnects. For those of you interested in DIY, I make them available to you here!

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