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Kuro Neko SPDIF 1.23m

Long ago, when Black Cat Cable first began, there was bnly one product in only one size: The Veloce 123

It was an SPDIF cable with a precise 75 Ohm impedance characteristic. It was only available in 1.23m (4 foot) lengths.

The reason for this was simple: 95% of all the digital cables that I sold since the start of my career in 1992 were 1.0m long, and the rest of them (minus a small rounding error) were 1.5m long. 

Because I wanted to maximize my productivity AND the usefulness of my product to my customers, I decided that 1.23m would be an ample middle-ground. For those who needed 1.5m cables, some of them didn't need the entire extra length ... and the rest of them could probably figure out how to move the DAC and source a little closer together.

The cable proved to be very popular - not only for its supreme performance, but also for its eminently affordable price.

The Kuro Neko 1-2-3 is my newest version of this cable, returning to a maximum value product for a minimum investment. As with the Veloce 123, the Kuro Neko is only available in one length - 1.23m (4 feet) - and only in one termination: RCA

That helps me to maximize my production and keep the price low!

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