We regret to announce the passing of Chris Sommovigo, founder of Blackcat cables. The company is being restructured by friends and Chris’ family, and we hope to be able to serve your cable needs soon. Please come visit us again ...
Thank you for your patronage and attempt to purchase – Blackcat cable company is currently being re-structured and hope to be running again soon. Please come back to visit us – we hope to be here to serve your cable needs soon! ...
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Kuro Neko


All of our cables are made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping.

Kuro Neko (黒猫 : Black Cat)

Kuro Neko has been designed as the simplest iteration of our design ethos, which may make it also our most elegant, in a way. It is an introduction to the Black Cat way of doing things ... Zagging in a world that is blindly zigging.

Interconnects: RCA only

Speaker cables: Banana plugs only


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