We are pleased to announce the limited release of the Graceline Series 2 and MiniTron Cables as well as Kuro Neko RCA and XOX Adapters. Please inquire at mayu@stereolab.us and join our mailing list below for the latest updates of stereolab and black cat cables
Thank you for your patronage and attempt to purchase – Blackcat cable company is currently being re-structured and hope to be running again soon. Please come back to visit us – we hope to be here to serve your cable needs soon! ...
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Kuro Neko


All of our cables are made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping.

Kuro Neko (黒猫 : Black Cat)

Kuro Neko has been designed as the simplest iteration of our design ethos, which may make it also our most elegant, in a way. It is an introduction to the Black Cat way of doing things ... Zagging in a world that is blindly zigging.

Interconnects: RCA only

Speaker cables: Banana plugs only


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