Copy of b. REDLEVEL

Copy of b. REDLEVEL

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The REDLEVEL cable form for interconnects is a simple-yet-elegant thin-walled PTFE ("Teflon") tube that has been carefully shielded with pure copper, and then sheathed with Multifilament Nylon. All work is performed in our own workshop using our own machines.

Center conductors are formed in-house to ensure uniform placement within the tube in order to maximize velocity and minimize capacitance. They are carefully run, by hand, through the central tube and terminated to LOVECRAFT Reference RCAs. These conductors are as follows:


The Tube Mk. II: A hollow, pure-copper tube with a 0.008" thick wall. Annealed dead-soft, The Tube is formed in-house into an undulating wave pattern before being hand-run into the PTFE tube. 

 Music leaves the speakers and travels around your listening space, bringing you into contact with the instruments in a more intimate “feeling” way. It is like being there.” – David Robson, 


Lupo Mk. II: A double-run of 24 AWG 99.999% pure solid-core silver, annealed dead-soft, and formed in-house into and undulating wave pattern before being hand-run into the PTFE tube. 

“The Lupo cables should cause a rather wolfish grin if you prioritize a fully lit-up dimensionally liberated presentation with detail galore.” ~ Srajan Ebaen,


The Matrix Mk. II: An intricate and delicate braid of 32 individually-enameled pure copper solid strands, braided on a special machine that we had custom-manufactured foe the purpose. Matrix Mk. II is carefully formed in-house into an undulating wave pattern before being hand-run through the PTFE tube.

Available in XLR (balanced) configuration, as well. CLICK HERE


Triode Mk. II: A careful combination of The Tube's tubular copper conductor and The Matrix's intricate lattice of 32 individually enameled, braided pure copper conductors. Triode is a very finely made conductor that is small and not so very easy to manufacture, but the results are - to my ears - truly worth the trouble. 


Ultranova: This takes a 99.999% pure silver ribbon that has been annealed dead soft, carefully (as in very carefully) twists it into a gentle helix, and then sends it, by hand, down an air-filled Teflon tube. The special construction lends Ultranova a high velocity in a fast (air) dielectric, with lots of surface area as well as lots of conductor mass. This what I personally consider to be a “high information” cable.