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SilverStar Flatwave™ (Limited Production)

Limited Production

The 99.999% pure Silver conductor is flattened into a precision micro-ribbon with our in-house Tungsten-carbide rolling mill until it has been reduced to the desired thinness. It is then shaped into a sinusoid "wave" via our Flatwave process, and then hand-run down the center of a thin-walled Teflon tube with double copper shields.

This conductor is terminated into the Lovecraft Reference RCA (direct gold-plated copper) pin via our unique, internally-ridged hollow pin + set-screw. The set-screw forces the pure silver conductor against the internal ridges of the hollow pin, making the contact extreme and intimate. Solder is then flowed into that section to make a gas-tight, hermetic seal around the junction.

The SilverStar Flatwave RCA interconnect delivers an experience of music that can only be described as crystal clear, pellucid, alive and breathing. Pay particular attention to the layering within the soundstage from front to back, as this ability of the SilverStar to render such nuances is quite remarkable. The way in which the delicate, pure silver micro-ribbon passes the signal without any sense of strain or editorializing can be breathtaking at times ... especially as musicians seem to emerge from the soundscape with unvarnished authenticity and a truly palpable presence.

The cinematic landscape of sound is something quite special, as well, as the loudspeakers disappear into a field of sonic delights! Symphonic rendering is outstanding, placing you as a direct witness to the performance. Electronic music, especially of the ambient variety, can project an astonishingly vast soundscape when listening to some of the more 'ethereal' compositions, placing you in the middle of a wholly-created world filled with musical and sonic entities to entice you.

SilverStar Flatwave is a limited production item, available only in 1.0m pair and 1.5m pair lengths.