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Graceline    <click the link

Graceline was a Passion Project of Chris Sommovigo. A way to express certain ideas he had about cable construction, music, materials, processes, and the personal touch of an artist's hand.

Graceline is about effortlessly flowing beauty, musical radiance, and deeply felt connections with the musical artists who fill our ears, our hearts, and our lives with their own passionate expressions.

All of these cables extend as evolutionary improvements from the original Setsuna designs which surprised everyone - including Chris Sommovigo himself - with how beautifully and effortlessly music can be rendered.

Originally there were five levels of build to the Graceline series, allowing Chris to introduce different materials in a clear, qualitative progression. These were complex builds requiring of many steps to complete, and also requiring of some delicate skills to execute correctly.

They were built only by Chris in his workshop, one at a time, for the authentic music lover seeking ever deeper experiences and intimate connections with Heart of Music.

Now the next evolution of Graceline awaits in the capable hands of his wife Mayu Sommovigo.

Enjoy Graceline.. the experience continues....

~ in memory of Chris Sommovigo