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Silverstar! 75 Mk. II Universal cable

Silverstar! 75 Mk. II Universal

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All of our cables are made to order by Chris Sommovigo, personally. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.
In 2010 I released the first-ever Black Cat Cable product, and it was a little 75 Ohm digital cabled named “Veloce” - it quickly gained a wonderful reputation for being a wonderful performer, and was celebrated for being something of a “sure thing” by Srajan Ebaen of when he said:
“ … that makes the Veloce a sure thing for all but the excessively monied. Sure things in as uncertain a sector as high-end audio are always welcome. When sure things cost only a little, they become sure things for sure.”

"At first I thought I had lost something - and then immediately after, I began to realize the extra information (detail), that the increased smoothness of your cable had initially made MORE, seem LESS. My mistake! It is magnificently musical and satisfying. A huge tonal palette, and bass I never heard before. Wow. You sure know what you are doing. I am so glad I ordered it! ...  I was surprised. Seldom does a component create such a totally positive change."   ~ Lew Wells, customer (Silverstar! 75 Mk. I)


Silverstar! 75 was the evolution of the Veloce, and had been a major underground favorite for good reason – it bested some of the most expensive SPDIF cables out there, and was a steal by comparison!
The raw cable is manufactured to my specifications by a military/aerospace contractor in the USA that I’ve been doing business with since 1994, and then post-processed and terminated right here in my workshop.

Mk. II now includes a secondary (silver-plated copper shield, addition of RFI rejection material, and an overall braided jacket from multifilament nylon.

Terminated with 75 Ohm BNCs / Includes Black Cat RCA adapters