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"LUPINO" translates from Italian as "Little Wolf" and, in Black Cat Cable terms, it is a "Baby Lupo" - derived from our immensely-popular Lupo interconnect, delivering much of the same performance at a fraction of the price.

A thin-walled PTFE ("Teflon") tube that has been carefully shielded with pure copper, and then sheathed with Multifilament Nylon. All work is performed in our own workshop using our own machines.

What makes Lupino possible at this point is that the LOVECAFT Mini RCAs turned out so well. Really top notch performance from these little RCAs, I must say.

Also, in Lupino there is only a single Nami-processed 99.999% pure, fully-annealed silver conductor (24AWG) in a smaller teflon tube (with a gentler wave pattern to the conductor), whereas in the "Mama" Lupo there are TWO of these special silver conductors inside a larger teflon tube, and they are processed with a much deeper 'nami' wave pattern for better suspension in the air dielectric medium.